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Married Marks is a bi-weekly podcast covering hot topics in professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

January 17, 2019

Married Marks Podcast Ep. 76: BLISS-full Ignorance

More news than you can shake a kendo stick at! The WWE's Women's Division keeps moving forward, but their writing keeps plunging into the past. Can they make sense of their confusing Dr. Jeckyll and Mrs. Hyde stories? And what does the future hold for talent like Flip Gordon and Tino Sabatelli? Plus High and Low Marks, the BetchBox, and listener questions. As always, follow us. Rate/Review/Share this show with all your friends. Twitter/Facebook: @MarriedMarks , Email - MarriedMarksPod@Gmail.com , and on the web at http://MarriedMarks.com . Proud member of #PodernFamily and a member of the "Inside Joke, Outside Voice" network of podcasts. Learn more at IJOV.net

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