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Married Marks is a bi-weekly podcast covering hot topics in professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

February 14, 2019

Married Marks Podcast #80: Karen Works Here Now

It's Valentine's Day, and the Married Marks are burnin' up with love...for KAREN PETERSON! Karen, the NJPW and NXT Superfan and podcaster/blogger/ladymark joins the Marks for a discussion about love and drama in professional wrestling, power couple rankings, and a whole lot of talk about Okada's thighs. High marks, low marks, and talk about which Japanese convenience store has the best food to help you through the hallmark holidays, it's all in this week's episode. As always, follow us. Rate/Review/Share this show with all your friends. Twitter/Facebook: @MarriedMarks , Email - MarriedMarksPod@Gmail.com , and on the web at http://MarriedMarks.com . Proud member of #PodernFamily and a member of the "Inside Joke, Outside Voice" network of podcasts. Learn more at IJOV.net

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